Nov 11, 2013 · It seems the equivalent is the T15, or T-5-6 from Arrow or Bostitch. I found staples for the 6847 Craftsman stapler at Ace Hardware. Buy Ace brand staples Heavy Duty Wide Crown II.. "/>

Recently I started purchasing Stanley TR250 staple guns to replace the classic Arrow T50's. I was eager to phase out the Arrow T50s because I spent far too much time dealing with jammed staplers. In my mind that was the big benefit of the Stanley gun. The TR250 has an exposed staple loading area, so you can't really get staples jammed inside of it.. Press in on the staple track release that is located on the lower back corner of the stapler. This causes the spring-loaded piece to pop out toward you. Observe the position of the release in the track before grasping the release and pulling out the long, spring-loaded staple pusher. Slide a length of staples into the track, ensuring the points. Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple / Tacker Gun. Arrow's iconic model, the T50, is Arrows best-selling staple gun. It features an all chromed steel housing, jam resistant mechanism, powerful coil spring, staple viewing window, and steel working parts hardened in a 1,500 degree furnace..

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